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Business Jet Management

Your aircraft is your asset. We’ll manage it like one.

Hyperion Aviation is not your typical “aircraft management” company.

The Hyperion Aviation Team of seasoned professionals includes talent assembled from the best in the private aviation and airline industry.

It’s All In The Numbers

So how can you tell if we are managing your aircraft asset for long-term value preservation? We share contracts and cost with our aircraft owners every month that provides insights that no other company provides, including:

•   Operating cost per owner hour – with and without charter revenue, so you know the bottom-line charter contribution per flight hour and how it reduces your cost of flying.

•   Fuel pricing and consumption – see economy of scale fuel pricing in real dollars and cents while also knowing how economically your aircraft is being operated.

•   Maintenance costs per hour and 180-day forecasting – you will always be informed well in advance of upcoming maintenance inspections, downtime, and the exact cost of all maintenance per hour.

•   Aircraft warranties and programs – Unlike other management companies, we track every aspect of every warranty item and maintenance program to maximize the benefits and reduce your cost of ownership.

•   Flight time / cycles – this critical item is often overlooked when planning daily flight segments.  The fine print of your engine or maintenance program contains provisions for minimum flight hour-to-cycle ratios.  These are tracked to minimize your risk of financial penalties from the OEM or service provider.

•   Charter hours vs. goal – we work with you to develop an annual budget that includes charter hours and revenue.  You will know exactly how we perform to that budget.

•   Daily aircraft utilization – you’ll know exactly what your aircraft did every day of the month.

Transparency = Trust

Hyperion Aviation stands for transparency. Hyperion Aviation earns money from aircraft management clients only through management fees and charter commissions.

There are zero markups on anything. Every cent is tracked via our proven purchase order system and passed.

No mark-up pilot training, third party maintenance, or anything else we procure on behalf of our aircraft management clients.

Aircraft Sales & Structuring

Your reliable source for aircraft sales and acquisitions

The team at Hyperion Aviation is able to cover all aspects of aircraft brokerage, acquisition, marketing, sales, interior modification, import/export and maintenance review of your aircraft. We specialize in state of the art, medium or long range corporate jet aircraft and fully understand the importance of attending to all details as required by our clients. Additionally, our affiliation with brokerage firms based in Russia, China, India, Europe and USA, as well as, our collateral buying power with the aircraft manufacturers, assures professional assistance.

Aircraft Operations Support

We deliver your peace of mind!

Hyperion Aviation provides a full range of flight support services to all aircraft owners, ranging from Turboprops to full Airliner Support. Our internationally recognized Operations Control Center is staffed by a team of fully licensed flight dispatchers and delivers the highest levels of industry professionalism in any kind of aircraft operations – worldwide whilst maintaining a “zero-glitch philosophy”.

• Crew Briefings
• Ground Handling and on site support / supervision
• Flight Watch
• Full Dispatch Service, Flight Planning and Route Optimisation
• Slot and Permission Management
• Fuel Coordination and Bunkering
• Credit & Fuel Card Management
• Insurance Pooling

Non Commercial Complex Aircraft (private Ops):
• We operate several larger Jets covering future operational requirements like EU Part NCC or ICAO Annex 6 Sub-part 2. Enjoy your own freedom while you still comply with stringent new regulations
• Access to our Quality & Safety Management System
• Access to our fully integrated Ops System including feedback / report management and manual management

Airline & Leasing Support Services

Airline Consulting

Hyperion Aviation’s management comprises of former Airline and Leasing Companies Executives who have dedicated their entire professional life to the Aviation Industry.

Their previous responsibilities cover the full scope of activities ranging from Board Functions, C-Level Positions to Engineering and Operation Management.

Hyperion Aviation Airline Support activities areas are:

  • Airline Start‐Up Consulting and Assistance during the first year of operations.
  • End of lease expertise.
  • Airline sale and purchase
  • Registration of aircraft in any designated country
  • Fleet planning
  • Assets management
  • Aircraft appraisals
  • Airline reorganisation
  • Insurance expertise
  • Selection of MRO (Maintenance & Repair Organisations)

Aircraft Transition & Leasing Support

Hyperion Aviation specialises in a wide range of aircraft maintenance and support solutions designed to assist airlines, manufacturers and aircraft leasing companies.

From aircraft delivery and full operation through to “end-of-lease” service, we support and manage your complete airworthiness, maintenance and technical requirements inclusive refurbishing projects under our CAMO+.

Our support services can assist with any aspect of the leasing process, from moving an aircraft and carrying out an inspection, to project management and the on-site provision of personnel:

  • Aircraft delivery from manufacturer to client
  • Pre-purchase and mid-lease inspections
  • Lease compliance reviews
  • Aircraft and engine records review and management
  • Technical audits
  • Airworthiness management (CAMO+)
  • Importation of aircraft into EASA Member States
  • Aircraft end of lease support service
  • Ferry Flights


Our CAMO holds a Part M Sub part G and I approval for the following aircraft types with further additions in the pipeline:

  • Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321
  • Embraer EMB-135/145

We can provide the flight crew and logistical support to perform the following operations globally:

  • Aircraft Delivery Flights
  • Demonstration and Acceptance Flights
  • Post-Maintenance Test Flights

Ferry Flight Services 24/7

We can provide full project management for any ferry flight to ensure that your aircraft is moved efficiently, cost effectively and in a professional manner.

  • Flight planning and actual flight progress reporting
  • Visa and Security Clearance Support (including TSA Approval)
  • State of the art Flight Planning and Trip Support
  • Performance Calculations
  • Diplomatic clearances
  • Cost-effective positioning of flight crew to and from assignment via our own 24/7 Travel agency
  • Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) compliant service for all relevant ferry flights
  • RVSM Approvals
  • Fuel uplift
  • Insurance
  • Ground handling

Operational Registries:

  • EASA (MT, NL, BE, LX)
  • FAA
  • Aruba
  • Bermuda
  • Isle of Man
  • Guernsey / Channel Islands
  • San Marino

Charter & Jet Cards

Determined to find the best option on the market

Fasten your seat-belts: Whether you are looking to charter an airliner, a light jet, heavy jet or a helicopter. Hyperion Aviation has the direct contacts and the expertise to provide you with the perfect solution for all your travel needs. We have the determination to find you the best options on the market and give you all their benefits: Attention to detail, thoughtful touches, the utmost discretion and genuine warmth continue to set us apart. +41 44 500 92 22

Special Mission, Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

Hyperion Aviation is a trusted partner within the Mediterranean and North African Region in Utility Aviation such as Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions but as well Specialised Cargo and VIP Missions for Governmental Entities.

Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services

Hyperion Aviation’s fleet of dedicated intensive care Air Ambulance Aircraft are operational around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All aircraft are fully equipped with state of the art medical technology, and staffed with highly qualified medical personnel, so that patients who are in need of being evacuated or repatriated can be treated and transported as fast as possible.

  • Versatile and customised aviation platforms
  • Engineered aircraft modifications and surveillance systems integration
  • Airborne data acquisition to meet specific objectives
  • Long-range mission capability
  • Complete aviation support package offering full staffing & maintenance
  • Complete project and logistics management, including staffing and maintenance
  • Customised mission reporting